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Direct, uncut and uncensored comments from some of our recent VERY happy customers

The pillion is great...thanks for the upgrade on the back rest and installation tips. I'm leaving Salt Lake in the morning and will be taking a leasuirely route through Colorado back to Austin.

...I really enjoyed the KonTour seat on the ride up here last week. I've had Corbin and Russell Day Long custom seats and I must say yours is the BEST!


BMW K1200 LT
Austin, Texas

Ok, I'm not getting anything for this plug, but here goes.

In May, I completed a 5057 mile trip from Denver to Seattle to Neah Bay (NW point of Con. US), then to Imperial beach south of San Diego (SW point at Mexican border) via WA, OR and CA (US 101 and CA 1), then thru AZ and home. Not trying to set any records and took 18 days. Stayed with relatives and friends along the way too. Our butts (wife's too) were sore for several weeks afterward.

Now for the good news. I immediately sent my seats to KonTour for customization. Well worth the bucks. The new seats are great. We left last Friday headed for Madawaska, ME, then down the east coast to Key West, FL, then back thru New Orleans, Big D and home. Will cover 6800 plus miles on this trip. My butt was sore on the last trip after day one with the stock LT seat. But now, after 5 straight days (1800 plus miles) I don't have the least bit of butt discomfort. If anything, these seats should be disallowed for iron butt award rides. They're much too comfortable.

BTW, they are much cooler than the solid covered seats.


Hal, Hannagan Trike
Longmont, CO

... just wanted you to know I got my seat back for my Dorsoduro Wednesday. I rode it over and back to Orange county, then down into north county San Diego today. What a difference, I can actually sit on it for a couple hours at a time. Thirty minutes before was about all I could stand and I would be sore the next day. I also really like the way it looks!


Aprilia Dorsoduro
San Diego, CA

I recently had the driver portion of my GT seat upgraded to include the Polar Mesh material. While the dog days of summer had past when I got the seat installed I have ridden on a few 80 degree days with high humidity. Before the upgrade I couldn't ride for more than 15 minutes before my butt was sticking to the vinyl seat. With the Polar Mesh material just the opposite. Rode about 10 hours straight a couple Saturdays ago in high 70 degree weather. That was the first time I can remember on any bike where my underwear and pants weren't stuck to my back side. The airflow is really incredible. I've also ridden with it in 50 degree weather. Don't want to sound like a wussy but I turned the heated seat on. It was so well ventilated that it felt like a cold draft on my back side. Very happy so far.



"Just got back from Deals Gap late yesterday. We did 1915 miles in four days, with heavy rain in Florida on days one and four. I was somewhat concerned about the mesh cover in the rain, but it doesn't seem to hold the water, it just doesn't get wet or trap water under your butt like vinyl seats.

I can't say enough good things about the seat that you built for me. Extremely comfortable, supportive, cool, firm, and good looking. Unlike the factory seat, I don't sink in all the way to the seat pan. I could not have done this trip on the factory seat. Previously on the factory seat I would have to stop at least every hour or so for a butt-break. On the Kontour seat, I can ride out a tank of fuel, which is about 300 miles for my GTL.

You guys are my heroes!!!

Thanks for a great seat and and the quick turnaround."

Ed Note: We built a plus seat for Rick with the tall man lumbar support mod to allow him to push back into the seat an extra inch, without it "pushing" back.


Homestead, FL

"Riding 1000 miles in 24 hours for an Iron Butt Run on my new KonTour was remarkable. Everyone else in the group was in serious pain by 3:00 am but aside from some stiffness in my lower back, I was just fine. No more aching hip joints, numbness, or sore butt. Amazing, worth every penny, looks very fine on the Honda Shadow, and was narrowed down to help me flat-foot the bike. Great product, quick turn-around time, professional manner. What more could you ask for???"

Ed Note: Barbara will be adding a BakUp backrest from KonTour seat in the near future to help with that lower back.


Tucson, AZ
Honda Shadow 750

"Just completed a 1200 mile trip last week and really appreciated having your seat! It really made a huge difference. Just like your website states, I no longer found myself shifting around to get comfortable and monkey butt was non-existent. In fact, I still can't believe that I feel air actually flowing under my butt! I know that there are a lot of choices for custom seats, but whatever you do, don't over look the KonTour. It's a high-tech seat very well suited for the LT. "



"As you may recall, I had an opportunity to take my LT with it's new Kontour Seat on a 1,000 mile trip this past weekend. I had very high expectations for the seat as I believe you have done quite a bit of R&D on the product. All I can is say is WOW! The seat more than met my expectations. I never felt a pressure point even after several hours in the saddle. I can't describe the feeling because it's hard to pin-point where you rear is in the seat. It's just plain supported. The temps were in the 40's to 60's and the seat did feel better when the heat was on towards the lower range."

"I would not hesitate to reccomend this seat. It does not have to be custom fitted and will work for anyone. This is the only seat I've ever owned where I can truly say it's an all day seat. I absolutely think it's the best investment I've made on my bike."

Ed Note: Two months after purchase - For Sale, Airhawk Pad.

"Large size which fits the LT seat perfectly. Bought only a few months ago and don't need it now that I've gone to the Kon Tour seat."


Murietta, CA

"I have now spent 1500 miles on your seat and my impressions are overwhelmingly favorable. As you promised, there's not a hint of soreness. Today was a real test - 600 miles of arduous riding - half of which was in 20-30 degree temperatures and 5 straight hours of snowing! I thought this was April! The heating elements worked very well."


McClean, VA
K 1600 GTL

"...the commute (25 mi each way) is better - both from a seat of the pants feel of it as well as the non-slide nature of the (KonTour) seat. Still haven't managed a longish trip, but the wife and I went 2up for dinner & a movie last weekend and she commented on how much nicer the new seat was. Both the comfort of it and the traction provided by the surface were big hits with her."


Tucson, AZ
BMW GS1150

When I decided to try something else I got the Kontour, it is real nice, feels real good and is superbly built. The seats look really great, I also had the Bakup and passenger pillion backrest done. When they get wet, the water seems to flow thru them.

Here's the best part: on a hot day (the high has only been 88 so far) you're butt gets a leetle sweaty and I swear its like having an air conditioner. The air smoothe flows thru them babies! If you're prone to monkey butt, here is the ultimate solution. Besides riding great, a cool butt.

Other seats are a solid vinyl or leather with no airflow, so the body part contacting them will....sweat and the sweat purdy much sticks. You can cure this with the beaded seats (I hated sitting on them) but why have a custom seat you need to bead, etc.?

I used my seat heater more than ever this winter, which gave me more of an ahhh feeling, so they weren't uncomfortable at all in the cold. (only rode down to 34 degrees a few times, hey, I live in Texas).

When I decided to try something else, I studied them all, have seen them all and sat on purdy much all of them, but the Kontour (relatively new company).

The air flow swung me as Texas gets purdy dern warm.

So, you have great comfort and a cooling effect on an important body part (face it, you sit on it on the bike for hours at a time), an extremely well made product that looks great, is tougher than vinyl or leather (this part was important, too) and superb service. Twas a no brainer for moi.


New Braunfels, TX

"Just got the seat today! It is truly beautiful !!!!!!!!! As I told you before, I had 2 Russell's and a Sargent. Your quality matches Russell easily if not surpassing it. The seat is great!!!! I have gone on a 300 mile day and my backside was comfortable. The seat looks magnificent and it is comfortable. It does everything you say and more. Very pleased. Thank you very much for a great product!"


Mentor, Ohio 2005

" far my impressions are " this is a wonderfull seat and gets more comfortable the longer I ride". Thanks for doing a great job.We'll see what happens during the HOT summer months. Definitely telling other riders about it."


Fullerton, CA
Honda ST1300

I had a seat and backrest made by you guys a couple of years ago for my GSA, and I can’t believe the difference! Went coast to coast on the stock seat and nearly died. Went coast to coast again, this time on a Kontour seat, and had NO ISSUES whatsoever. I completely love your product!


BMW GSA Concord, CA

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am. They look great & I soon forgot about the seat while riding incredibly comfortable. Much better than expected. Especially with the BakUp, its like having a new bike. Definitely worth every penny!!! Thanks again for going out of your way to fix the heater connection.


Virginia Beach, VA
BMW 1200RT "wethead"

The seat is much, much more comfortable for me than the stock seat and is of great quality...
On the way home I cross a 4 way stop intersection - they have installed (I don't know the proper name for) three sets of vinyl stripes, in each
approaching lane to the stop light. Each set contains about 10 individual stripes; the stripes are about 2 feet apart and the sets about 20 yards apart.
With the stock seat they will about rattle your teeth out. With this seat you don't get 10% of that sensation. It's absolutely amazing! I had forgotten how much better it was than the stock seat. It's almost as if you had replaced worn out shocks with new ones.
If you're in the market for a new seat you sure need to give KonTour a close look.


Henderson, NC
Honda Gold Wing

I have a 1600 GTL and the stock seat is unbelievably bad for a bike that cost this much. I have had 3 Russell Day long seats over the past 20 years and was very satisfied. However the shape completely ruins the lines and style of the LT so I did some research and choose the KonTour. I could not be happier. It is a great seat that looks good on the bike. The color matches perfect. The service was excellent and it is a very good value. I think you would be pleased with the KonTour seat.


San Diego

I'm 6' and 190 lbs and have a KonTour seat which is great. I can ride all day now.


Toronto, Canada

Well, I needed a new seat right before Christmas, 2006. I contacted a few manufacturers, one being Kontour. They made one of those outlandish promises, "Send it to us and we'll get it back to you before Christmas." I had less than 2 weeks. Actually it was more like 10 days. Well, they delivered. I made a long ride between Christmas and the new year on the new seat and have continued to love it ever since. I am 6'1", 200 lbs, so I got extra padding, which my bottom has enjoyed. That is my only experience with getting a new seat for a BMW, but I would certainly do it again.



I have a Kontour seat and love it. Got my IBA saddle sore with it a couple of months after getting it back. They turned it within a week, (with an appointment of course). My other seat 8 hours was max, now 15 hours is a breeze. I like the way it moves air under your butt.


Modesto, CA

I installed a KonTour seat on my bike last week. Saturday I thought might be a good day to try it out. The high for Saturday was 101. My wife and I did a little 510 mile jaunt out to the Caprock toward Lubbock and up to Claude, Texas. We passed through the Palo Duro Canyon and travelled some roads I hadn't been on since I was a teenager. It was a nice ride.

The first thing I noticed about the seat is that I wasn't sliding around on it. It felt great at the outset. It was slightly higher than my original seat but that was no problem since I have a 34 inseam. It actually made my XL J-Pegs a little more comfortable. I also had a pair of boots with mesh tops that allowed some air flow on my feet. Black boots get HOT in the Texas sun. The seat was comfortable for the entire trip. I'm totally satisfied with it. No more sweaty monkey butt for me. I'm glad I chose the KonTour seat. It has made my bike even more fun to ride.

Jim BMW F650

Wichita Falls, Texas

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