KonTour: The World's ONLY Air Cooled Motorcycle Seat!

"No One Can Take Care Of Your Can Like We Can"

Features and Benefits

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The secret to KonTour's
outstanding performance
is in the patented 5 layer
composite design:

1. The patented Polar Mesh Top Cover

2. Waterproofing and Radiant
Heat Barrier

3. Vibration Isolation and
Energy Management

4. Damping and Ergonomics

5. OEM Foam Core


The end of Monkey Butt:  Polar Mesh

Hundreds of thousand of polyester fibers are twisted and knitted together
to form an incredibly tough, resilient cover fabric that allows copious
amounts of fresh air to flow under your butt!  Hot, stale, moist air is THE
cause of Monkey Butt, and our revolutionary design eliminates this nasty
sensation completely. 


Layer #1,  The Polar Mesh Top Cover

Polar Mesh is a patented monofilament polyester mesh that allows liquid water to drain, vapor to dissipate and fresh air to circulate.  Only 6mm thick, this layer also allows an additional amount of calculated spring rate to the overall seat design.  You're literally sitting on an "air curtain"  that is constantly refreshed as you ride!  Even during rainy days you are suspended above liquid water and remain dry and cool.  Polar Mesh was designed exclusively for us by one of America's top fabric mills.  Only with KonTour Seat.


Layer #2, The Waterproofing and Radiant Heat Barrier:

The next layer in KonTour's design is another layer of high tech fabric and performs two remarkable tasks: It waterproofs the core of the seat, and at the same time rejects 70% of infrared radiation to keep the underlying foam layers cool. An aluminized, ripstop, spun polyethylene fabric, this layer is an excellent water, vapor and heat barrier.


Layer #3, Vibration Isolation and Energy Management

The next layer is a 1/2" thick piece of
unusual "spherical" resilient foam.
Crush resistant and elastic, this foam has
the unique ability to ABSORB vibration.

Here's how it works:

When hit with an external force, the spheres
act upon one another to laterally disperse
energy throughout the material. This unique
horizontal energy transfer further helps
to ISOLATE and redistribute pressure points and "hot spots".

Inexpensive "commodity" grade foams like injected polyurethanes - whether open or closed cell - absorb the impact energy in one localized area, then transfer 90% of it vertically to your butt.


The above nomogram shows how Kontour
dissipates impact energy over time,
providing tremendous damping.

Layer #4, Damping and Ergonomics

An additional layer of 1" military specification visco elastic foam is installed to give KonTour the ability to respond to lower frequency vibration and shock. While the 3rd layer effectively diffuses high and mid frequency vibration (like those produced by tire tread and small road surface irregularities) this layer dampens more pronounced and lower frequency vibration (like tar snakes, small ruts and transient engine vibration that resonates throughout the frame.)

Utilized by NASA, and also in F-16 jets,
KonTour's #4 layer is picked from specific densities and thicknesses to provide maximum damping and outstanding comfort. The foam literally flows from high pressure to low pressure areas, spreading forces out over a much larger area.
KonTour's #4 layer provides a custom fit to your butt every time you mount your motorcycle, and every time you make imperceptible changes in your seating position as you ride. No matter whether you are wearing jeans, leathers or a heavy riding suit, The KonTour Seat self adjusts and conforms to your individual "butt print".



Layer #5, OEM Foam Core and Vibration Control:

In addition to the 4th layer, the OEM foam core provides a calculated amount of soft spring rate to allow KonTour to function as an integrated vibration control system. Custom cut with a foam saw, this allows room to build the top 4 layers of the composite and still maintain the original size and shape of the OEM seat for excellent fit and finish.

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