KonTour:   The World's ONLY Air Cooled Motorcycle Seat!

KonTour: The World's ONLY Air Cooled Motorcycle Seat!



Why is your motorcycle seat a pain in the butt?

THIS is what you're sitting on: two small bones named the Ischial Tuberosities, and if they're not happy...

Welcome to the art and science of 21st century motorcycle seat design

Traditional OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) motorcycle seats feel comfortable in the showroom.

"Soft and cushy" seats sell new motorcycles, and the unsuspecting buyer rides happily off the dealer's lot. A few days and several hundred miles later - in the REAL world of the road - these inexpensive polyurethane seats covered with commodity grade vinyl reveal their true colors: they are grossly under-supported and "springy". You experience literally hundreds of uncontrolled micro bounces per mile. This undamped energy is transferred to and absorbed by your butt!

This unchecked bouncing creates "hot spots" on your dermis (skin) and ischial tuberosities (your sitting bones) which are not only painfully uncomfortable, but contribute to nerve damage and numbness, loss of blood flow, muscle fatigue and cramping. Other at-risk bony prominences are the trochanters, coccyx and sacrum. Depending on the style of motorcycle you ride, there are also indications that loss of erectile function or spinal compression can result from some of these conditions - and that's not a good thing!

You've also no doubt suffered from "monkey butt", "crotch rot" or "rhoid rage". Shear, the abrasive lateral force that occurs naturally when riding, is the culprit. Your standard slippery vinyl or leather motorcycle seat does not hold you in place. Add to this the fact that your seating surface does not allow stale air, moisture or heat to dissipate and you've got real agony. You can't wait for the first opportunity to get off your bike. (That's why Road Houses are so popular!)

Some aftermarket companies respond to these problems by changing the density, height or shape of the foam.  A grained vinyl or leather may be introduced, but does nothing to make you more comfortable. At best, these efforts are only a partial solution and often aggravate the situation by INCREASING the spring rate, reducing padding in critical areas and MINIMIZING damping - a critical factor in comfort. "Dishing" a seat does create more surface area, but is a very small factor in creating a comfortable seat.


These computer generated pressure maps
represent the weight distribution
of a 200 lb. rider sitting upright on a touring
motorcycle. The top image is high-resilience,
commodity grade polyurethane foam used in
stock  (OEM) seats by ALL manufacturers.
The bottom image is a KonTour seat

Red depicts areas of 0.6 - 0.8 psi,
dark blue depicts areas of
less than 0.2 psi.

Since the KonTour design
spreads out weight evenly over the same
surface area, loading is reduced and
comfort dramatically increased.

KonTour is a patented, 5 layer, air cooled, infinitely adjustable, damped  and breathable composite seat that utilizes the best characteristics of modern high tech materials and combines them to create the ultimate solution for motorcycle seat comfort. KonTour was designed by a team of motorcycle test riders, a doctor, an automotive engineer, a commercial pilot and a human factors specialist to be the ultimate in comfort and luxury. From the ground up and inside out, KonTour addresses specific shortcomings inherent in stock OEM motorcycle seat design.

The result is nothing short of revolutionary and defines our motto:  "No One Can Take Care Of Your Can Like We Can!"


We use only the BEST foam in the world in our designs - made by 3M.
Our other suppliers include DuPont fabrics. Our stainless steel fasteners come from Germany.  Our thread comes from Synthetic Thread, certified by the Federal Aviation Administration for use in aircraft construction. ALL materials are strictly sourced in the USA or European Union to ensure top quality.  Unlike our competitors we will NOT substitute cheap imitation goods made in China or Taiwan.

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